I return. Kind of.

Four months ago and in the wake of my greatest achievement, I left Magic. A combination of burnout and watching Magic relentlessly shitting their pants for months and years on end had made it impossible for me to feel happy doing much of anything associated with the game, but primarily acting as an ambassador for the ongoing story. (Although it’s not so ongoing anymore.)

The last few months have been a refreshing and grounding time away from everything Magic. It cured my burnout and reminded me that I can just be involved in a community without living and breathing the thing. Or necessarily even promoting the thing.

What about everything else though?

I’m not bothering with the current era of story. There are 25 years of it and I won’t be missing much by not reading the bits outlined by some dude who could never condemn his own pedophilia apologist fiction. (Side note: Employees only end up working on the main story for an average of 2 to 3 years anyways, so maybe the next crusty white guy Wizards hires to replace him will be better.) What that amounts to is a more historical and archival focus, which I’m happy with.

And I guess the shitposting will return to an extent. As saddening as the constant smell is, Wizards has no major plans for stopping or cleaning up, so might as well laugh at them. They aren’t a real gaming company with real PR, community management, or response times, so imagining they care about their image or any given crises is useless.

Community good, company sucks, game meh, Bolas fucks.