Sometimes I write things for fun. It doesn’t matter if it’s correct or entirely bulletproof, I just want to write. This thing is one of those.

Before we dive in, here are four things you need to know:

  • The Blind Eternities, the space between planes, is primarily composed of aether.*
  • As more Planeswalkers fulfilled their potential, more of the chaotic energy of the Blind Eternities came to exist within the planes themselves.*
  • When Planeswalkers fully exploited their connection with the aether to wield cataclysmic magic, the fabric of the Multiverse itself began to tear under the strain.*
  • During the temporal crisis on Dominaria, the Blind Eternities began to pull the spark back into the aether like a drain sucking in water. When Jeska closed the last of the major rifts, it was as though the drain had been plugged. The Multiverse was stabilized and a new equilibrium was reached between the spark and the Multiverse.*

Under this model, Planeswalkers represent a potential aetheric mass. At their calmest, Planeswalkers are a piece of the Blind Eternities simply existing on a plane. At their most damaging, Planeswalkers are an anvil of that chaotic energy, inflicting permanent damage on the Multiverse itself.

And it seems that there is an ideal balance somewhere in there. The Multiverse regularly handles a certain amount of that “outside” existing and happening “inside” of planes. But when that “outside” becomes too great of a weight, we’ve seen that the Multiverse can and will respond. It doesn’t need to significantly cut down the total number of Planeswalker sparks, though, and instead it changes the mass of each spark, reducing it to restore the total balance.

So would the opposite hold true? If we put countless Planeswalkers-worth of aetheric mass onto one plane, then removed them all in one swipe of a claw (or Eternal hands), would that sudden and violent vacuum demand any action? Would the Multiverse significantly increase the mass of any remaining sparks to restore the total balance?

There’s only one way to find out.

The Immortal Sun